Q: I’ve never done therapy, what can I expect?

A: Starting therapy can be difficult, especially if it’s taken months (maybe years?) just to recognize the need for help.  Prior to your first session, you will be provided an informed consent which explains the therapeutic process and provides general info. Building trust is vital to a therapeutic relationship, and that is best accomplished through conversation. Therapists are not life coaches and will not tell you what to do in life (at least the good ones won’t), but Homefront Healing promises to get “in the trenches” with you and walk step-in-step working towards your goals.

Q: Why are there different styles of therapy?

A: There are various counseling modalities because different individuals and situations require different approaches to achieve the best possible outcomes. Each therapeutic modality has its own unique theoretical foundations, techniques, and strategies for addressing specific mental health issues, personal challenges, and therapeutic goals. Your therapy is unique to you, tailored specifically towards goals you will work towards identifying in your initial sessions. Throughout the therapeutic process, your therapist may recommend a specific modality such as EMDR or CBT, and would explain the benefits and expectations of those types of therapy.

Q: When do I sign and turn in intake forms?

A: After scheduling your initial session, you will receive virtual copies of Homefront Healing’s informed consent and other intake documents. These forms must be reviewed and signed prior to your initial session.

Q: Why should I meet in person if I can just do telehealth?

A: Technology has allowed for advanced developments to practically all industries, and counseling is not exempt. While there are several HIPAA compliant programs available to utilize Telehealth services, it can take away from the full therapeutic experience. Your therapist will be unable to observe and assess various things they normally would in person, such as body language. That being said, the accessibility offered through Telehealth can be extremely beneficial.

Q: What is the cost of an appointment at Homefront Healing?

A: 50-minute individual sessions are $125. 60-minute couples sessions are $150. At Homefront Healing, we do not want financial barriers to be a limitation to therapy. If you believe you may apply, please inquire about sliding scale rates.

Q: How do I pay for my sessions?

A: Homefront Healing accepts credit cards, cash, or checks made payable to Homefront Healing. All session fee’s are due at the time of rendered services. If you have an existing balance, you will be unable to attend a future session until your balance is paid in full.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: George is currently in-network with Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and Optum. If utilizing insurance benefits, this is billed and managed through Grow Therapy. Grow Therapy is a HIPAA compliant, virtual mental health group that helps people find affordable mental health care. You can expect to receive email correspondence from Grow for billing and insurance purposes.

Q: Do you send appointment reminders?

A: Yes! Those who have worked with George can attest to the hundreds of sticky notes he uses to keep track of the chaos that is life. As such, Homefront Healing completely understands how it can be easy to forget important things. Our scheduling portal will send an appointment reminder 24 hours prior to your scheduled session.